Biden’s Proposed Gun Tax Unconstitutional, Expert Says

NTD Television

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden wants to put in place a tax on certain guns that people already own.

According to one analysis, the plan could cost current gun owners across the country a total of up to $34 billion.

Biden wants to enact legislation to ban the manufacture and sale of “assault” weapons and high-capacity magazines.

He also plans to include those weapons into the National Firearms Act in order to impose a $200 tax for each gun that someone possesses already.

Nicholas Giordano, a Professor of Political Science at Suffolk Community College, says Biden’s proposal goes against the constitution.

Biden argues that the National Firearms Act has been in place since 1934.

But the 1934 act and its tax only apply to when a gun is manufactured. Not to already possessed ones.

Giordano says this year’s lockdown and violent riots in cities across the United States made people across the whole political spectrum realize how important gun ownership is.