These People Are Showing Off Their Unusual Talent

Epoch Video

While some people have more balance than others, the people captured in this video have some of the highest levels of balance in the world. What they can do with this balance is incredible and goes anywhere from riding their bicycles along skinny ropes just on the edge of a cliff leading into the wide-open water of the ocean all the way to jumping and properly landing on exercise balls as high as your head!

These people do some of the most dangerous and risk-taking activities and decisions ever seen before. If you think you have great balance, just wait and see the people filmed in all of the scenes of this video. Balance is not only found in 1 gender, a certain age group, nationality or anything specific and we will see this in the video. These people seem to have nothing in common other than that they take crazy decisions and have this abnormal level of body balance or just the skill to balance objects.

The amount of practice these people must have to put to master the tricks we catch sight of in this short 3-minute clip must be immense. For someone to take so many risks just for the short 10-second clip of what they can do surely takes lots of guts and it’s something you would not find your average person trying to do.

Well, you’ve heard it, now see it for yourself, enjoy the video!