‘Angry Birds’ Bumped-off iTunes App Store Perch by ’Bubble Ball’

“Angry Birds,” the popular mobile game where one hurls birds at pigs, was toppled as the top-downloaded free app for iPhone.
‘Angry Birds’ Bumped-off iTunes App Store Perch by ’Bubble Ball’
[youtube]CpAoxFwos-Y[/youtube] Trailer for “Bubble Ball,” a game that toppled “Angry Birds.”

“Bubble Ball,” a free app game made by a 14-year-old designer, toppled “Angry Birds” as the top-downloaded free item in Apple’s app store.

Robert Nay, an eighth grader from Utah, is the lone creator of the game, which has now been downloaded more than two million times.

“I was pretty astonished,” Nay told ABC News. “When I released it, I didn’t think it would do so well.”

“Bubble Ball” was downloaded around 400,000 times on Jan. 13 alone, according NBC News.

In the game, one has to a move a ball from one side of the screen to another using blocks and other shapes that rotate.

For the creators of “Angry Birds,” they’re still doing pretty well: Rovio recently announced they are making a cartoon of the beloved and addictive game.