Action Steps for Americans

Action Steps for Americans
The Reader's Turn
I’ve been reading lots of articles and comments about how something needs to be done to stop this craziness by the left. I constantly feel so small and overwhelmed by all that is happening. What can a person do to at least try to make a difference? That feeling prompted me to say some extra prayers. Some action steps floated into my mind and I urge everyone reading this to try to do one or more of these steps and maybe collectively we can make a difference for our beloved country.
  1. Educate others to listen to news that is not part of the mainstream media so they can keep what they hear, balanced.
  2. Purchase a 3-month gift subscription to The Epoch Times for someone you know who is politically in the middle and not sure which views to believe or support.
  3. Select and support a Republican candidate who will represent you in Congress and not flip to the views of the other party. Do whatever you are able to do to see that this candidate gets elected in the 2022 elections.
  4. Speak up. Don’t be silenced by others who have opposite views. They are not afraid to speak up, and if we remain silent due to fear, then our voices and beliefs will never be heard.
  5. If anyone on the left says to boycott a company, go out and buy at least one product from that business. If you don’t need it, donate it.
  6. Start writing/calling your congressmen and women. Urge them to introduce a bill that sets our system of voting to one day. There should be no early voting and no absentee voting except for military or very limited reasons. Be relentless!
  7. Pray. Pray to God that He softens hard hearts. Pray for our country to return to its founding principles. We can become a nation again whose motto truly is “In God We Trust.”
We need to get into action right now. Pick one or two things to do and do them. With God, all things are possible, and right now we still have a chance to make America great again, but it will take effort.

Roberta Machesky