A Grandmother’s DREAM

A Grandmother’s DREAM
The Reader's Turn

My name is Suzie Snead, and I am a 73-year-old grandmother living in Florida. I, like Martin Luther King, have a DREAM.

I DREAM that my grandchildren and all innocent youth will be allowed to grow up in an open and free society, a society that is based on our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

I DREAM of a continued capitalistic economy where small businesses can thrive and our citizens are allowed to make their own choices.

I DREAM of freedom of speech that CAN NOT be controlled by the far-left CEOs, who, through their power of monopoly, decide what is heard by all of us.

I DREAM of a government that defends legal citizens, our borders, and our homeland, and allows only legal entry into the USA.

We are moving into an era that is not the AMERICA that I have known and loved.

We have the “far-left” determined to 1) raise our taxes to pay for more illegal aliens, etc.; 2) open our border to more illegal entrants; and 3) defund our police and army—making us less safe, bankrupting our nation with big government.

MONEY and POWER seem to be what motivates most of our politicians. Maybe we need to DEFUND them until our rights are restored.


Susan Snead