2021 American Message

2021 American Message
The Reader's Turn

This message I want all Americans to learn, never forget, and place close to their hearts; it’s so important and it’s for the continued existence of our great free nation for the generations to come. It’s Faith, Family, and Country. Look all over the globe at countries practicing Socialism or Communism and if you believe that your life would be better there, go live there. In a short amount of time, you would come running back to the USA.

Most of the people, politicians, who praise these forms of government have never experienced the loss of their freedoms and the fruits which our great beautiful country offers. Americans know better and are smart enough to stop believing the lies politicians keep telling us, that they can give us everything for free. Americans also know that what these politicians want would bankrupt and destroy our lives and country. Americans like being energy independent, relying on ourselves, not the government, and since we Americans, all bleed Red, White, and Blue, Blue and All Lives Matter.

Sadly, we now have an evil Democratic Party, which no longer cares about We the People, only about their power and never losing it. Even if it means changing our Constitution and ignoring other important documents and laws that protected us and our great country, they will do it, [especially] with this new socialistic administration and incompetent and corrupt old lying president, Biden.

Through his actions, we realize he is not a moderate and in control. And it is no wonder the world wants to come here, but there is a line and there is a right way to enter our country. Biden has made false promises and given the world a green light to risk their lives and come here. And I thought New York Gov. Cuomo was bad because he was responsible for many elderly people’s deaths due to this deadly Chinese virus, but I have come to the conclusion that he is a saint compared to Biden and the deaths Biden will be responsible for. Cuomo may have killed New York, but Biden will have killed America. We have to save our great free country and elect someone who loves God, America, and Americans. Please, before we fall off the cliff into the dark stormy Democratic seas and drown. So I will do what I can and write until I can’t, all because I love America and have hope that another miracle will happen.


A Proud American

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