164-Million-Year-Old Fossil of Storr Lochs Monster Revealed in Scotland (Video)

Researchers in Scotland have unveiled the skeleton of a 164-million-year-old fossil known as the Storr Lochs Monster which is an ancient marine reptile believed to have existed at the same time as the dinosaurs.
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A 164-million-year-old fossil of an ancient marine animal called the Storr Lochs Monster is being revealed in Edinburgh, Scotland. And, according to a report by The Telegraph, scientists believe it is the most complete remains of its kind that has been found in the country.

The skeleton has have been determined to be that of an ichthyosaur which one of the researchers has stated, “ruled the waves while dinosaurs thundered across the land.”  The creature is estimated to have been about 13-feet long with a sharply protruding snout and “cone-shaped teeth.”

While the fossil had recently been unveiled to the public, it was discovered about 50 years ago by the manager of a local power station; he sensed the significance of the find and contacted a museum to collect them.

Now, a team of experts has been formed to further analyze the remains for insights into the creature’s evolution “during the Middle Jurassic Period.”  This time span has largely remained a mystery due to insufficient evidence.