10-Year-Old Found Alive: Police Searching for Suspects

10-year-old found alive: Police are searching for suspects who kidnapped a 10-year-old Los Angeles girl, who was found alive on Wednesday.
10-Year-Old Found Alive: Police Searching for Suspects
A vacant house in Northridge, Calif., one of a few locations abductors are believed to have brought a 10-year-old girl who was found and returned to her family Wednesday, shown in a KTLA broadcast. (Screenshot via The Epoch Times)
Jack Phillips

After going missing overnight, a 10-year-old Los Angeles girl was found alive, it was reported. However, two suspects in the case are still at large, according to authorities.

The girl was kidnapped from her home in Northridge on Wednesday, police told local media reports.  

Authorities said that while she was alive, the girl had “facial bruising and lacerations” and had “a possibly head injury,” reported ABC News.

Police continued to search for two suspects in the case, describing one of them as an 18-year-old white male, according to KTLA TV. The other suspect was not described.

Two different vehicles were also involved in the kidnapping. Police said they found a black pickup truck and are processing it as evidence.

On Thursday, police searched trough a storage facility and a vacant house for clues, reported the Los Angeles Times.

“I’ve got a young lady that was abducted, I don’t know the reason,” Los Angeles Police Department Capt. William P. Hayes told KTLA.

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They found the girl at around 2:50 p.m. on Wednesday at Oxnard Street and Canoga Avenue. Authorities believe she was dropped off at Kaiser Permanente Medical Center in Woodland Hills, located around six miles from her home.

“She was forcibly taken from her home and was released over here and was held by individuals for approximately nine to ten hours,” Hayes said, according to ABC. “She was dropped off by the suspects at a location, Kaiser Hospital at Desoto and Burbank. And she walked from that location to here where she was recovered.”

Police believe the abudction took place early in the morning on Wednesday, and they said the girl did not know who her abductors were.

“We can’t determine forced entry, I do have teams going back to process the house and determine if we can find out how the suspect actually got in. We do know that a side gate was opened,” Hayes added.

A manager at a nearby studio saw the girl when he went to a gas station.

“Her face was white. She looked very tired and worried,” Nicolas Jackson told KTLA.

It is unclear why the girl was abducted, police said.

“We don’t know what happened inside of the house,” Los Angeles police Cmdr. Andy Smith told the Times on Wednesday. “But it certainly would appear that she didn’t make it from her house over here a distance of some six miles all by herself.”

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