Arrow Season 3: New Villain in CW Show May Have ‘Reptilian Eyes’

Arrow Season 3 will show off a new villain for its season premiere, according to a new report.

There’s been a few details revealed about the comic book-inspired TV show, which will premiere in the fall on the CW.

TV Line reported that the first major villain will be a man called Seth, described as a “criminal mastermind.”

Says TV Line’s Matt Mitovich, “‘Member the “Seth” guy I told you about a couple of weeks ago? Well, the casting for that role has since been tweaked, and he is now described as a ‘shade of a man’ with a quiet intensity, a ‘criminal mastermind who whistles classical music’ as he goes about his devious business. There’s also talk of him having ‘reptilian eyes.’ Whomever he is, he will be the Big Bad for the season opener.”

It’s unclear if Seth will be a recurring villain or just a one-time thing.

The report comes as Stephen Amell, who plays Oliver Queen/The Arrow on the show, made a revelation about his character earlier this month.

“I’ll tell you what — whether or not that was a ruse, a bait-and-switch, he really meant it — we’re gonna find out very early on in Season 3 if he actually meant it,” he told CelebTV in early June.

And Showrunner Andrew Kreisberg has said there’s going to be a shift in the dynamic of the show.

“It totally changes everyone’s dynamic, having Laurel in on the secret. She has become so much more. Look, I don’t think it’s any big surprise that we’re struggled in places with Laurel as a character — through no fault of Katie Cassidy, who plays her wonderfully and does everything we ask of her — but ever since she found out, it’s just changed the dynamic, and it’s made the show a lot more fun and enjoyable to write,” he said, according to IGN.