Arrow Season 2 Episode 10: Preview, Promo Trailer, Air Date, Spoilers for CW Show

January 15, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

Arrow returns to CW on January 15 with episode 10, and spoilers and the promo trailer have come out. 

A big sneak peek into the new episode and the rest of the season comes from Huffington Post, which shows that Slade Wilson and Oliver Queen will have a showdown.

Wilson’s angry over the murder of Shado by Dr. Ivo. The “mirakuru” drug is making things worse for Oliver’s team. 

Wilson, as disclosed in episode 9, is behind the attempts of Brother Blood to create a mirakuru-enhanced army, but Oliver doesn’t know yet.

Wilson’s anger means that he doesn’t just want to kill Oliver, he wants to inflict pain. 

Also in Wednesday’s episode, Oliver and Felicity must deal with the consequences of the accident that befell Barry Allen. 

Overall, the challenges Oliver faces in the second half of season 2 are much worse than the first half, executive producer Marc Guggenheim told the Huff Post.

“His vow [not to kill] gets challenged by all the things he’s facing. It’s one thing for him to say he’s a hero, but now he’s called upon to really be a hero,” Guggenheim said. “It’s not just the no-killing code — he’s got to find a new gear and dig deeper and overcome tougher obstacles. He’s got to bring people closer together and be more of a leader, even as that gets much harder. And on the other side of the board, Slade is manipulating events against him.”

“The struggle for Oliver is,” he added, “how does he adhere to the objective he set for himself of being a hero when things in the city start to get worse and worse?”

In episode 11, according to the official synopsis, Oliver will be conflicted after Laurel reaches out to Arrow, asking him to investigate Blood.

Oliver is unsure about her accusations against the man, but he ultimately decides to trust her. But Sebastian ends up exposing Laurel’s drug addiction and having her arrested.

Further, Sarah is going to expose a secret about Laurel.

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