Army-Navy Game Rendition of National Anthem Goes Viral

December 10, 2017 Updated: December 11, 2017

The U.S. Military Academy and U.S. Naval Academy met for their yearly football game on Saturday, called the “Army-Navy Game.”

It was the 118th meeting between the two teams—considered among the most storied traditions in sports. The teams often play in front of active duty and former military members.

A number of people focused on the U.S. national anthem at Philadelphia’s Lincoln Financial Field.

Before the game, choirs of both the Annapolis and West Point academies sang the national anthem together.

In light of the controversy surrounding NFL players kneeling during the anthem, the crowd appeared to love it.

Army beat Navy 14-13.

There was speculation that Army’s white uniforms provided a type of “camouflage” during the snowy game.

“Did Army anticipate the swirling snowstorm that dominated the game or did they just get lucky? CBS television announcers joked about how hard it was for them to see the Army players on the field and Navy’s Blue Angels-inspired gear was probably visible from space against the snow-covered field,” noted.


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