Army Base Shooting: 1 Woman Shot, Retired Sergeant Arrested

June 11, 2013 Updated: July 18, 2015

A woman was injured on an Army base in San Antonio, Texas, after a gunman opened fire on Monday

The woman who was shot at Joint Base San Antonio-Fort Sam Houston was identified as a female active-duty captain, according to

A retired Army sergeant major was arrested within an hour of the shooting, and police also recovered a handgun.

The victim and the suspect were not identified.

“The last active shooter incident was in 1993,” said Phil Reidinger, a spokesman with the San Antonio Military Medical Center on Fort Sam, referring to the last shooting incident on the base.

He added, “An employee held a supervisor hostage, and after many hours of negotiation, the hostage-taker surrendered and the employee was not harmed.”

San Antonio Police Chief William McManus told Reuters that the suspect got into a fight with the woman, who was described in her mid-30s. It is unclear if the two had a relationship.

“It was not a random shooting,” he said.

Following the shooting, the suspect hurriedly drove away, McManus added. But he was ultimately arrested without incident.

“Now everything will be turned over the military,” McManus told the news agency.