Armless Pianist Wins China’s Got Talent (Video)

By Sophia Fang, Epoch Times
October 12, 2010 5:03 pm Last Updated: September 29, 2015 5:52 pm

[youtube]Y7CeoUZbW3Y[/youtube] Feet Pianist Liu Wei on China’s Got TalentLiu Wei, a 23-year-old armless pianist, looked exceptionally calm on stage when he was announced as the winner of China’s Got Talent Final on Oct. 10. Already the number one hopeful, Liu Wei was scheduled to give the last performance during the final competition. His performance of ‘You’re Beautiful’ (by James Blunt) secured his undisputed position as the first winner of China’s Got Talent.

His outlook towards life has also been an inspiration to fans. Both on stage and in videos, Liu Wei does not say much. But when he does talk, his words are quite thought provoking.

When Liu was 10 years old he lost both of his arms in an accident while playing hide and seek with his friends. “After 45 days of intensive care, I woke up and found myself without arms. I learned that life can be very fragile. I knew I must learn to do things by myself again.”

He told his story in a video made for the show. He learned to dress himself, to brush his teeth, and to type with his toes. Most importantly, he did not give up his love for music.

At the age of 19, Liu Wei started his journey as a pianist. “When people say different things about me, I always say to myself, at least I have a perfect pair of legs.” It’s obviously no easy task to play piano with one’s toes and Liu went through countless blisters and muscle cramps.

Yet he is determined to “be responsible for one’s own dreams” and did not give up. He said, “Nobody said that one cannot play the piano with one’s toes. This is something I’ve decided to do and I will go on with it no matter what happens.”

Apart from his musical talent, Liu's perseverance and determination also moved the audience to tears. When asked about his accomplishments, Liu Wei said, “I have only two options in life. One is to die. The other one is to live brilliantly.”

One of the judges, Taiwanese artist Yi Nengjing said, “A truly talented person displays his or her talents from their heart. It is not a show. It is life. I will definitely ask my child to watch your performance.”