‘Armed and Dangerous’ Woman Sought by Police Amid Columbine Threat

April 16, 2019 Updated: April 17, 2019

Police are searching for an armed and dangerous 18-year-old woman who is “infatuated with Columbine,” referring to the school massacre 20 years ago.

Sol Pais, the woman, is reportedly trying to buy firearms and traveled to Colorado, according to the Reporter-Herald on April 16. She also made threats and is “armed and dangerous,” said the FBI and other officials.

Police said in an alert that Pais is believed to be in the Denver-Littleton area.

“It’s a credible threat … but she did not make it directly,” Jenny Fulton, a spokeswoman with the local sheriff’s office, told CNN. “There may be some connection to Columbine but it wasn’t a specific directed threat towards Columbine.”

Jefferson County Public Schools, which includes Columbine High School, were placed on lockout due to the threat, CBS Denver reported.

Have You Seen this Woman?The FBI Denver Division and Jefferson County Sheriff's Office are asking for the public’s…

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Pais is a white female, 5-foot-5, with brown hair, and she was last seen wearing a black T-shirt, camouflage pants as well as black combat boots.

CBS reported that she was seen in the Jefferson County foothills after arriving in Colorado on April 15.

“Last night Sol Pais traveled here to Colorado and she made threats to commit an act of violence in this area. She is armed and considered dangerous,” said Mike Taplin with the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office, CBS Denver reported.

This Saturday marks the 20th anniversary that two high school gunmen shot and killed 12 students and a teacher at Columbine.

A bulletin sent to police said officials don’t have a reason to arrest Pais, but they said she should be detained for an evaluation of her mental health, according to the Denver Post.

Junior David Eaton told the newspaper that he was in a math class when the school announced the lockout.

“My concern was I was in my math class for the second time during a lockout,” he said. “I feel like if it was a shooting, I would have heard about it sooner,” he continued. “Everyone’s OK — that’s a good thing.”