Arizona White Supremacist Sentenced to 40 Years

May 23, 2012 Updated: May 24, 2012

An Arizona white supremacist was sentenced to 40 years in prison for a 2004 bombing that left a black city official injured, according to reports.

Dennis Mahon, 61, was convicted earlier this year of conspiracy to damage property with explosives and related charges.

During the sentencing on Wednesday Mahon said he was innocent. “I didn’t do this crime. I can’t apologize for something I didn’t do,” he was quoted saying by The Arizona Republic.

In the incident eight years ago, a pipe bomb was hidden in a package and addressed to former Scottsdale, Ariz., Diversity Director Don Logan. When Logan opened the parcel, it exploded, leaving him severely injured.

Logan said he was satisfied with the sentencing, according to Fox-10. “For someone who is 61 years of age that basically means a life sentence,” he said.

Judge David Campbell called the attack an “act of domestic terrorism” to promote a racist and hateful agenda, according to Fox-10.