Arizona Rally Organizer: Our Voices Will Not Be Silenced

November 15, 2020 Updated: November 15, 2020

Arizona “Stop the Steal” rally organizer Karen Wood spoke to NTD in Phoenix on Nov. 14 to explain what it’s about.

“The ‘Stop the Steal’ is to let everyone know that they have a voice, and our voices will not be silenced, and our votes will be counted. And we are not gonna tolerate a voting system that has disenfranchised all the conservative votes. We also believe there’s been fraud in this election, and we want a full accounting, whether it’s audits, whether it’s a new election, we need to have a full accounting of all the votes and to make sure that these voting machines were not tempered with, or did not have a specific software that disenfranchised conservative voices.”

“Let the courts adjudicate, let them do their jobs. [President Donald Trump] has every right as a sitting president to contest this election. That’s his right. Now let the court do their job.”

From NTD News