Ariana Grande Grandfather Dies; Death Kept From Brother and Big Brother Contestant Frankie Grande

Ariana and Frankie’s Grande’s grandfather has died, but it appears that the death will be kept from Frankie for the time being.

Ariana took to Twitter over the past couple days to share with her followers how her grandfather’s health was failing and she was spending time with him.

He later passed away.

“Thaaaanks to my best friends who stayed up with me all night talking and helped me pull myself together temporarily this am. flyin back home,” she said. “thank you for your continuous love & light over the past few weeks… we did lose my favorite person to ever exist yesterday, my grandpa :'(.”

“This is the hardest thing imaginable but I’m so grateful that I got to spend this time with him & my family. taking care of him & loving him,” she added.

But Frankie, who is currently on Big Brother, hasn’t found out about the death, according to TMZ.

“It seems just before he died the grandfather knew Frankie might bail from the show if he found out, so one of grandpa’s last wishes was to keep his death a secret from Frankie. Ariana was chronicling her grandpa’s illness … recently posting pictures with him in the hospital. But Frankie never saw them per the rules of the show.”

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