Aren’t We Continuing the Cycle of Hate

September 11, 2010 Updated: September 12, 2010

Dear Editor,

In response to your article, Sarah Palin Asks New Yorkers to 'Refute' Mosque Construction Near Ground Zero, I have mixed feelings about this situation.

Aren't we supposed to try to stop the cycle of hate and be bigger and show that despite the wrong doing of some terrorists, we are not the same and we are open and accepting of differences. By opposing the Muslim worship center, are we not showing that we are continuing the cycle of hate that keeps wars going forever.

I can also feel the inadequacy of this, because it does not feel comfortable, but I am trying to be bigger than the natural feelings that first come to us. Aren't we upset that some terrorists do not accept differences, and yet we are responding in the same way, or even worse. Are we blaming a religion that has nothing to do with the terrorists' acts?

Muslim people aren't responsible for what happened. Terrorists are. I am not a Muslim, but I am trying to be accepting of the difference. By accepting the worship center at Ground Zero, wouldn't we be starting something amazing that says that we are bigger and we want peace?

Just a thought…

Nelly Halimi
Carmichael, CA, USA

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Epoch Times Staff
Epoch Times Staff