Are You The One Season 2 Announced; What Happened to Chris and Shanley After Season 1 Finale?

March 28, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

Are You the One has been renewed for a season 2 as season 1 wrapped up with the finale, and the reunion show is set to air on April 1.

The group in season 1 ended up getting all the right matches:

-Kayla and Wes
-Paige and Chris T.
-Dillan and Cloeysia
-Ethan and Amber
-Chris S. and Jacy
-Dre and Simone
-Ryan and Jessica
-Adam and Shanley
-Joey and Brittany
-John and Ashleigh

The show’s host finally announced that the group won the $1 million prize and everyone celebrated.

And what ended up happening to fan favorites Chris and Shanley after the show? 

They told Entertainment Weekly that they forgive their housemates for separating them.

“When you see two people that are just so quickly head over heels for each other and they’re doing things together all the time and talking about each other every day, I would for sure put them in the truth booth first, because you want to know, should we let this ride out or not?” Chris said. “It ended up being a great thing in hindsight, but not in the moment.”

Chris also said that he kept away from any funny business with Paige in the honeymoon suite. 

And the pair said that long distance has kept them from being in a regular relationship but they’re still on the same page.

“Geography is huge for us right now,” Chris said. “If our careers take us to the same place, and there are talks that they might, then we’ll try where we left off.” 

Shanley sounded more sure of what was going to happen, saying: “I don’t see myself with anybody else but Chris right now.”

The premiere date for season 2 hasn’t been announced as the renewal was only recently decided. A casting call has been announced as well.

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