Are Pacquiao’s Shoulder Complaints Convincing Enough to Get a Mayweather Rematch?

May 4, 2015 Updated: May 4, 2015

Feeling robbed after forking over $100 to watch the Mayweather/Pacquiao fight? Maybe if Pacquiao’s shoulder wasn’t injured the fight would have come closer to matching the immense hype.

According to an interview on the injury was a torn rotator cuff and it happened roughly a month ago during a sparring session. Doctors told him to rest the shoulder for 30–40 days.

Pacquiao was denied a numbing injection by the Nevada Athletic Commission (NAC) before the fight, which said the request came too late.

But according to, Pacquiao (57–6–2) said the NAC approved his use of a numbing injection two weeks before the fight, only to be told differently on fight night.

According to NAC Chairman Francisco Aguilar, they were aware of the request for an injection but no injuries were disclosed to them at the weigh-in or on the medical questionnaire.

Pacquiao claims he was limited by the injury.

“I really needed that shot because if I throw a power hook or power jab, it hurt,” Pacquiao told reporters, according to rappler.

The popular 36-year-old Filipino boxer had contemplated postponing the fight but decided against it believing the numbing agent would be enough. He also didn’t want to disappoint the fans.


“The thing is, kumbaga, ayokong madismaya yung mga fans, madismaya na malapit na (I didn’t want to dismay the fans that it was so close) 3 weeks before the fight,” he said.

Pacquiao also maintains that a leak somewhere about his injury reached Floyd Mayweather (48–0).

“Did you see when he was pulling my arm? Because he knew. He was pulling it, did you see? Because he knew (about my injury),” he said.

Although a rematch hasn’t been scheduled, Pacquiao is in favor of one.

“I want a rematch if he wants. I wasn’t 100 percent ready for last night because of this shoulder but I don’t want to use that complaining that I lost the fight. I’m just accepting the fact that I lost.”