Are Dynamic Pet Products’ Real Ham Bone Treats Killing Dogs? Company Says They’re Not.

March 10, 2015 Updated: March 11, 2015

There are allegations that Dynamic Pet Products’ Real Ham Bone treats have dogs to get sick and die. The company issued a response on its website, saying it is “”confident in the safety and quality of our real ham bone.”

The allegations came to light in petition, which was launched this month, asking Dynamic Pet Products to take the ham bone off the market. About 7,500 people have signed the petition.

Says the creator of the petition, “I purchased a Real Ham Bone made by Dynamic Pet Products, from Wal-Mart on Sunday 3/1/15. I gave it to Fred, our bassett hound, he chewed on it and ingested some.”

“By Monday morning 3/2/15, he was vomiting and having severe diarrhea. By the afternoon, he was bleeding out of his rectum and we rushed him to the vet,” the user said. “He was put in intensive care and we were told he was so sick, the vet recommended we put him to sleep.”

The creator added that they are “never going to forgive myself for buying him that deadly treat. Please share this so others don’t make the same mistake I did. DYNAMIC PET PRODUCTS (in Missouri) know they’ve killed dozens of dogs and they still sell them at big retail companies like Sam’s Club and Wal-Mart.”


The U.S. Food and Drug Administration investigated Real Ham Bone following complaints. It said in 2010: “Not recommended for aggressive chewers — we recommend they eat a Beef Bone. As with all natural bones, we recommend supervision during eating.” 

It appears that Dynamic Pet Products knows about the complaints, and it has been responding on Facebook to the allegations.

On its website, the firm said it’s “confident in the safety and quality of our real ham bone. We have created a manufacturing environment to ensure we are providing the highest standards in pet products, which are evaluated by a globally recognized safety organization. Also, every package contains a label that provides detailed instructions to owners on how they can ensure their pets best enjoy our product safely.”

“We are a family-owned, family-operated company. Our pets & the pets of our employees enjoy Dynamic Pet Products regularly, and we are troubled to learn of any customer’s pet’s illness. We have the highest standards in pet products and provide detailed instructions to owners so they can ensure their pets safely enjoy a real ham bone. We continue to commit ourselves to quality and the safety of the pets who enjoy our products,” the company also said on Tuesday.

“We’ve received a lot of similar questions through this facebook page about our pet products. We want to do our best to address those. We’ve put together some answers for some of the most common questions,” it adds.