Archie Lloyd, Schoolboy, Died from Punch After Telling Club Promoter: ‘You’ll work for me one day’

April 20, 2016 Updated: April 20, 2016

A U.K. schoolboy died after he was allegedly punched by a club promoter after he yelled “one day you’ll work for me,” according to reports.

Archie Lloyd, 18, was celebrating the end of his exams in Greece when he got involved in a confrontation and was hit by a man working as a promoter.

Witnesses say that Sebastian Trabucattil, the bouncer, struck Lloyd, reported The Independent. Trabucattil was accompanied by two women on mopeds. They also said that Lloyd and his friend Andy Hutchinson “didn’t want trouble.” In testimony, Hutchinson said that the moped drivers sped past them and sounded their horns as they were walking toward a taxi. They insulted the drivers and the promoter got off his bike and pushed Lloyd three times.

Hutchinson said that the groups traded insults with each other, but he insisted that there was no violence until Trabucattil stopped his moped and pushed the two.

“The man pushed me. I lost my balance and swayed. I wasn’t aware of Archie doing or saying anything,” Hutchinson said, according to The Sun. “All this was over in 10 seconds.”

“They started to leave and I thought that was the end of it. Archie then shouted ‘one day you’ll work for me,'” he added.

That’s when Trabucattil apparently punched Lloyd.

“In a split second I saw one of the women raise her hands and point to Archie, she said: ‘You deserved that,'” he said. “Archie was on the pavement with his prone body partly laid on the road. The man and the two women rode off.”

Shoddy medical attention?

Security guards told Greek police that Lloyd’s friends refused to allow him to go to the hospital after he fell against the curb. Lloyd was tended to “for three minutes” by paramedics before they cleared him, The Telegraph reported.

They tried to get medical attention for Lloyd, but the telephone number they were given didn’t reply. As a result, they put him in a recovery position and fell asleep at around 7 a.m. Lloyd died about two hours later, a pathologist found. His friends woke up a few hours later, finding blood on his pillow.

The family of Lloyd released a statement about his death.

They said, “We have been left totally devastated by the loss of a wonderful brother and son but we know he will live on in all those who were ever fortunate enough to have met him.”

“Archie was ready to take on the world, realizing his dreams to study at university and travel when he tragically died.

“He had his whole life ahead of him when, on a harmless night out, everything went tragically wrong and so many lives have been shattered as a result.”