Apple’s Ecosystem Could Thrive in New Climate

By Jeffrey Thompson
Jeffrey Thompson
Jeffrey Thompson
September 3, 2014 Updated: September 3, 2014

With the rise of the so-called Internet of Things—the smartphone’s connected to the TV package, the TV package is connected to the home Internet service, the Internet is connected to the thermostat, the thermostat’s connected to the smartwatch—companies are thinking of how to lock customers in to their whole ecosystem.

Customer packages and device compatibility will play a big role. 

Some devices will only work with one brand, and sometimes just a segment of a brand (the smartwatch comes to mind), but many devices integrate well with other brands as, for example, iTunes works with Windows.

With Apple’s dominance in the smartphone market, the ecosystem battle is about to heat up, and a lot is at stake.

Mobile Payments 

Apple has partnered with American Express on it’s mobile payment system, according to Re/Code. Users will be able to use their smartphones as credit cards, to pay for goods.  

Apple CEO Tim Cook stated earlier this year, during Apple’s earnings call, that Apple had 800 million iTunes accounts, most of which had credit cards attached to them.  

With the addition of the near-field communication (NFC) chip, users will be able to make payments with their iPhones using the phones’ finger print scanner to secure the transaction. This could potentially transforms users’ iTunes accounts into digital wallets, and at the same time give Google Wallet, Isis, Square, and PayPal a run for their money. 

With Apple users spending four times as much as Google users, as reported by Fortune, this could be the jolt that makes mobile payments go mainstream. 

Personal Computers 

Apple’s new operation system (OS) Yosemite offers integration with iPhones and iPads the likes of which have not been seen before.

A user can start writing on her iPhone or iPad and seamlessly transition to her Mac to finish writing. Users will also be able to answer incoming calls on their Macs as long as they are on the same wireless network as the caller, reported Apple

The handoff feature works with Mac’s productivity applications, and developers can now build handoff features into their apps. 

Features like these could make all the difference for users when determining which brand to choose for their next personal computer (PC) purchases.


Rumors are spreading that Apple will showcase its smartwatch during its Sept. 9th event, and recently Apple was awarded the “iTime” smartwatch patent, as reported by AppleInsider

The patent is for a smart wristband, with the ability to change out the main face, a sensor-ridden band, and a feature that allows it to be controlled by taps and other gestures. It’s smartphone, health band, and GPS tracker all in one.

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