Apple Watch Has a Mysterious Component, the SiP

March 10, 2015 Updated: April 8, 2015

One of the most mysterious components of the Apple Watch, which Apple hasn’t really detailed on stage during either one of its media events in which the device was demoed, is the smartwatch’s brains.

Dubbed the Apple S1, and referred to by Apple as a System in Package (SiP), the component includes the processor, memory, storage and other tiny but critical parts, and should be further explained once the device is launched and torn apart

Meanwhile, reports from China suggest Apple’s SiPs might be even more important for Apple in the future, as they might be used in next-gen iPhone.

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According to the China Times, a first-gen SiP model might be used in the iPhone 6shandsets this year, though Apple will still combine PCB and SiP use in 2015 iPhone designs. However, the iPhone 7 family, which will likely be launched in 2016, might pack just a SiP, which should be able to handle all the work on iPhone.

Apple did highlight the Apple Watch SiP during the first video presentation for the device. The component is very small and slim, and probably helps Apple maximize available space inside the Watch for battery use.

In a bigger gadget such as an iPhone, SiPs could also help out with battery life, potentially freeing up even more internal space that could then be used for batteries.

Images showing Apple’s SiP for the Apple Watch follows below.



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