App to Track Consciousness

By Naveen Athrappully, Epoch Times
February 5, 2014 Updated: February 5, 2014

Millions over the ages have pondered on the mysteries of the mind—what it is, how it can be studied and developed, and its relation with matter. Ancient Greek philosophers have played with it, Eastern philosophies have delved deep into it, and modern day computer programmers are now trying to quantify it. Extensive analysis, experiments, debates, and discussions have been conducted to find out if the human consciousness has any influence at all on the physical world.

It has already been established that the consciousness does have an influence, but how significant the influence is and whether the consciousness of an individual can connect with a collective consciousness still remains to be determined.

This is what has prompted a group of researchers to come up with an unusual mind-app that could very well herald in a new era of “consciousness technology,” a whole level higher than the “internet of things.” After all, it is the connection of minds, and that goes well beyond any Wi-Fi.

Scientists have discovered that activities in the human mind can exert influence on physical systems, such as random number generators (RNG). How this influence works is still shrouded in mystery, but the effects are significant and repeatable.

Adam M. Curry, an entrepreneur based in San Francisco, and his team, after three years of research, have come up with the “Collective Consciousness” app that “converts hardware functions on your phone into a physical random number generator.” Expected to be released this year, the free app is currently seeking funding through Indiegogo.

With the Collective Consciousness app, you can examine the impact of your mind on the physical environment, engage in comprehensive consciousness experiments, and assist developers and artists in building a better platform to employ consciousness technology.

The data collected from the participants will be stored on a central server where it will be combined and analyzed. Developers have planned to display the individual and collective data using two screens. The “Me Screen” basically tells you what the RNG is doing from time to time and the “Collective Screen” provides a real-time picture of global consciousness data. You will also receive notifications when spikes are detected in the local RNG data stream.

According to Curry, the RNGs use statistics to measure direct or indirect correlation between mental activity and random numbers. Curry explained the functioning of the RNGs to Epoch Times: “Early research into how the mind might interact with complex systems focused on using random number generators. There are different ways to build RNGs, but the key thing is that they are based on sampling noise in the physical world.

“Some RNGs are based on electron tunneling, which is a quantum effect that produces unpredictable numbers. In the CC app, we’re sampling insignificant bits from hardware in the phone, such as the accelerometer, and doing some post-processing to make sure there is no bias. We found these results in a really good random number stream.”

As to how the experiments could be done with a diverse range of people with varying mental capabilities, Curry said: “The effects are inconsistent. People are inherently variable creatures, and so they don’t always produce significant effects, or any effects at all. 

“This makes replication really hard. This is true of mainstream psychology research as well; test subjects are people, and people are variable, and this complicates attempts at getting really robust results. But more often than not, studies seem to indicate that consciousness in general does have this ordering effect on randomness, however small.”

The effect of individual or group meditation on the environment, impact of mass consciousness, and many more questions are waiting to be answered through the CC app.

According to the company website, “This app may help jumpstart the beginning of a fantastic technological future—one in which humans interact with computers or other machines in an entirely new way.”

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