App of the Week — Gas Cubby

May 9, 2010 Updated: September 29, 2015
As far as gas mileage apps (applications) go, there are literally dozens of them in the App Store. Gas Cubby is one of the first apps that was released in the App Store and it’s still one of the best. It debuted at $10, which was quite lofty for a gas mileage log, but now it costs only $5 and is listed in the “What’s Hot” section of the App Store. There is also a free version.

Now at version 2.1, it is still not much different than the very first version. The paradigm for this app is a paper log book. At first glance it doesn’t have any whiz-bang features, but it has a clean and consistent interface. It simply tracks your mileage and lets you record extra details such as octane, payment type, and tire pressure. You can even add tags and notes.

Turn your iPhone/iPod Touch on its side and you get a graph of your data. These are just the typical graphs you would expect to see such as expenses over time, or miles-per-gallon over time, but it’s just nice to be able to access them without going through a menu. Additionally, there is a stats screen where you can see total costs—cost per mile, cost per day, and miles per fill up—which is a really effective way to show you the maintenance cost of your vehicle.

But to get true maintenance costs you would want to track repairs, oil changes, fees, and other items. These features have now been added, and as a bonus you can set reminders for any maintenance items. The addition of the features makes Gas Cubby a complete vehicle log book.

One very useful feature is that you can synchronize your data with Gas Cubby’s server so that you won’t lose your data should you ever lose your iPhone or move to a different device. What’s also great about this feature is that you can synchronize one account to two or more devices, which is very useful if you have multiple vehicles and multiple drivers in your household.

Gas Cubby doesn’t get into technically nerdy details such as odometer error correction, and doesn’t make use of technically flashy features such as location awareness, visual indications, or photographic images, but it’s a bug-free and solid app.