Air Force Vet Confronts Men Trying to Rob Neighbor’s Home

November 12, 2015 Updated: November 12, 2015

Stunning footage captured recently shows a neighbor confronting four men who were trying to rob a home.

The situation started after 48-year-old Joseph Mueller received an alert on his phone from his home surveillance app notifying him that his home was being broken into.

He checked the app itself and saw what was happening.

“Sure enough, there was some dudes in my house robbing me,” Mueller told the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

So he called his neighbor, an Air Force veteran. The vet walked outside and confronted the four men trying to rob the house.



The neighbor recorded the scene, including the SUV with stripped license plates that the men were using as their vehicle.

“The cops are coming right now!” the vet warned the men.

Mueller said that many of his family’s possessions were stacked by the front entrance, apparently readied to be loaded into the vehicle before the neighbor stepped in and scared the would-be robbers off.

“He is very brave,” Mueller said, referring to his neighbor. “In our neighborhood, we watch out for each other.”

He and his family have lived in the cul-de-sac for 21 years, and nothing like this has ever happened, he added.

In his Facebook post, Mueller asked people to help identify the men. Police have not told him whether they’ve been identified or arrested as of yet.

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