Anthony Smith Was Shot Dead Over Rob Ford Crack Video: Documents

December 4, 2013 Updated: July 18, 2015

Anthony Smith, a gang member in Toronto, was shot dead over the Rob Ford crack video, newly released documents show. 

Police were told that the motive in Smith’s murder was the video in May, but the documents showing this were just released.

David Price, Ford’s logistics director, told police that the cell phone containing the recording of interest belonged to the deceased (Anthony Smith) and that it was the motive for his murder, according to the new documents, reported the Toronto Star. Smith was shot dead on March 28 as part of a gang dispute.

Price said that Smith died because of the phone.

Police say Smith was a member of the Dixon City Bloods. 

Another man, Mohamed Khattak, was injured in the shooting.

Smith, Khattak, and an unidentified third man are pictured with Ford in a photo taken outside a crack house in Etobicoke where the crack video was filmed in February. The now infamous picture shows Ford with his arms around Smith and Khattak, grinning.


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