Anonymous Hacks Tear Gas Maker

February 15, 2012 Updated: March 7, 2012

Hacker group Anonymous said they hacked the website of a Pennsylvania company that makes tear gas, according to a statement posted Tuesday on the Internet.

The group said that Combined Systems is a company that has sold “mad chemical weapons to militaries and cop shops around the world,” with tear gas used by security forces against demonstrators in Bahrain and Egypt during Arab Spring mass protests.

“Combined Systems, lay down your arms: You just lost the game,” the group apparently said in a statement posted on Pastebin. The group said it obtained names, addresses, phone numbers, and password information via their website, which was still down by mid-Tuesday.

In the past, human rights group Amnesty International said Combined Systems had delivered more than 46 tons of ammunition, including tear gas canisters, to the Egyptian government in several shipments.

The incident comes just days after the website of the CIA was hacked and taken down.