Anonymous Claims to Have Released Donald Trump’s Personal Details, Social Security Number

March 18, 2016 Updated: March 18, 2016

The hacker collective known as Anonymous said it has released GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump’s personal information, including his home address, social security number, birth certificate, and phone number, according to several media reports on Friday.

He obviously isn’t as ‘Trumpy’ as we thought he would be.
— New World Hackers

The information was posted on Pastebin just days after the group threatened to go after Trump and released a video.

The phone numbers of his attorney and agent were also posted in an effort the group termed #OpWhiteRose on Twitter. The full names of his family members were also published.

“To show that we are very serious about stopping any proposed forthright by the fascist Donald Trump we have attached a gift of sorts,” a narrator says in the Anonymous video. “Trump’s Social Security number, cell phone number, and other details that might be able to assist you.”

Some people on Twitter pointed out that some of the information was actually released by a group called “HydraHacking Team” last year.

And, according to NBC News, some of the information that Anonymous posted has been “floating around online for awhile.”

For example, the phone number released by Anonymous was posted by Gawker last year. Trump at the time acknowledged it on his Twitter. “Thank you @gawker! Call me on my cellphone 917.756.8000 and listen to my campaign message,” he said.

“The government and law enforcement authorities are seeking the arrest of the people responsible for attempting to illegally hack Mr. Trump’s accounts and telephone information,” Trump spokeswoman Hope Hicks told NBC in response to the alleged Anonymous hack.

A group of hackers affiliated with Anonymous told Newsweek that they were able to find the IP addresses of several Trump websites, including his business and campaign sites.

“With the real IP we could breach his website and leak everything. He obviously isn’t as ‘Trumpy’ as we thought he would be,” a member of New World Hackers told the publication on Thursday. “He has the money, spend it on something useful.”