Annabelle Movie Spoilers: Description of Events in ‘Real Doll’ Horror Film, Conjuring Prequel (+Trailer)

October 6, 2014 Updated: October 7, 2014

The horror film Annabelle, the prequel to The Conjuring, reveals the backstory to how the evil doll was possessed by demons.

The film starts out with Mia (Annabelle Wallis) pregnant, and receiving the doll from her husband John (Ward Horton). John has been worrying about the baby and gives her the doll after apologizing for his attitude.

Mia actually has a collection of dolls for the baby’s room, with Annabelle being perhaps the finishing piece.

However, things go horribly wrong when John rushes over to the neighbor’s house to investigate what appears to be a murder.

He runs back out covered in blood and tells Mia to call 911. She moves to do just that but two cult members break into Mia and John’s home, with the male cult member stabbing Mia in the stomach and the female committing suicide with the doll in her arms. Police arrive soon and shoot the male member to death.

The possession appears to happen due to the female member’s blood landing on the doll. The female also left a bloody symbol drawn on the wall.

The demon that possesses the doll then wants the couple’s baby, Leah, and won’t stop until it gets it.

While Annabelle never moves, the demon’s presence is felt through the usual horror movie situations, such as creepy noises and potential glimpses of what appears to be a demon.

After Mia is stabbed, she is ordered to stay in bed to ensure a safe pregnancy. She turns to new friends for help. Evelyn, a bookstore owner, tries to help her discover what cult the members belonged to. Father Perez, a priest, tries to offer guidance.

Turns out that the members were trying to conjure a demon. Mia is the only one who can see it. 

Mia is nearly caught in a house fire, but is saved by a group of men. Mia gives birth, and the family moves into a new apartment. The doll, which had been thrown away, appears in their belongings.

Father Perez takes Mia to church but he is hurt by a powerful force, while a ghost of Annabelle which is with a demon snatches Annabelle.

Near the end of the film, Mia gets locked in the home with the demon. Leah goes missing. Mia believes she has to sacrifice herself to save her baby, so she goes out on the window ledge and prepares to jump.

But Evelyn and John rush into the room and save her. In a stunning turn, Evelyn then grabs Annabelle, gets out on the ledge, and jumps.

Afterward, the doll is placed in a store and a woman buys it for her daughter.

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