Animals Show Off Their Intelligence and Hilarious Personalities

March 21, 2019 Updated: March 21, 2019

Many of us don’t seem to realize how intelligent animals really are, whether they live on land or at sea. They never cease to amaze us with their clever and quirky habitats that make us all giggle.

It’s funny because it’s as though they know just how funny they really are; they prance around us performing for our pleasure and react at just the right moment to add impact to their well-rehearsed planned out performance.

Out of all these clips the Golden Globe award has to go to Wilfred the walrus taking that family photo. He’s like that one kid that always has to play the prankster in class photos. His happy go lucky personality is enough to make even the moodiest of moody individuals (and we all know one of them), crack a smile or two.

As funny as they are the best, the most astonishing thing of all is the intelligence our sea friend shows in this video. If only we had a crystal ball that could venture into their minds and show us what they were thinking and feeling.

Everybody loves a good old-fashioned funny animal clip. They may not but Einstein’s, but they definitely know how make us laugh. Whether they’re playing piggyback in the deep blue sea, stealing brand new fresh out of the box of iPads, or smiling in a loving family pic, animals are great and people couldn’t do without them.