Angry Bostonian Shovels Snow Back onto Car After Taking His Spot

February 16, 2015 Updated: July 18, 2015

A Boston resident in a now-deleted Craigslist post said that they took drastic measures when someone parked in his spot after he took the time clearing it of snow.

The anonymous poster said, “I put all the snow back” on the car.

According to, the poster, who remained anonymous, said he took a long time shoveling the parking space and put an “old bookshelf” in it before he worked an evening shift driving for Uber.

The anonymous poster said he came home “pretty late” Sunday night, finding a car “with New York plates” parked in the spot that was shoveled.

“I’ve lived in Boston for years and I’m from New England,” he said. “This was just not a cool move. I’m getting home at midnight and I had nowhere to park.”

“I got emails from people who said I should pop the tires. I didn’t think that was okay,” he added.

According to the now-deleted Craigslist post: “So I had a marker, and I spent a long time clearing out this spot. I even made a path from my spot to the sidewalk so I wouldn’t have to walk in the streets. According to the mayor, if you shovel out a spot it is yours for 48 hours after the snow stops. After that, it is fair game. This guy didn’t wait 24 hours so I put all the snow back… I was nice enough to leave the passenger door accessible in case they needed to get in for an emergency… like they left an inhaler inside or something. But I think he is a total [expletive] and got what he deserved. It was a blue and yellow Monte Carlo with New York plates.”

“I hope the owner reads this.”