Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt Fight Over J-Pop Star Cheating Scandal: Report

December 1, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

Angelina Jolie has reportedly angered husband Brad Pitt because of her alleged relationship with Japanese pop star Miyavi during a photo call for “Unbroken” in Australia.

That rumor that was started with the National Enquirer, which said Jolie and Miyavi “got touchy-feely right in front of” Pitt.

“Angie and Miyavi were laughing and hugging almost every chance they got!” a source told the dubious publication (via Showbiz Spy).

However, a rep told GossipCop, saying the Enquirer report is false, saying: “That’s completely insane.”

A few days ago, Jolie and Pitt were photographed arguing on a balcony in Sydney, Australia, which prompted heavy tabloid speculation.

On Sunday, Jolie was involved in a car crash scare when her SUV skidded on a road in Los Angeles before hitting a median.

The Chevy SUV also blew two tires. She was on her way back home from a screening of “Unbroken.”

Jolie wasn’t driving the vehicle, which according to TMZ, skidded on an oily road.

“Someone in Jolie’s camp called the cops because they felt she was being harassed by paparazzi,” TMZ reported.

The site also published a photo of Jolie getting out of the car. She appeared unscathed.

A witness also told X17 Online: “The car slammed into the curb at a significant speed. Angelina must have wondered if they hit another car. It was pretty bad — the tire exploded, and it’s amazing nothing worse happened to the car. I wouldn’t be surprised if she has whiplash.”

She was picked up in another car, as HollywoodLife notes.

“Thankfully, Angelina, who was dressed in a gorgeous cream coat, was picked up soon after the accident (not by Brad Pitt!) so she’s okay. Her regular 24/7 bodyguard was allegedly not with her at the time of the accident,” the site wrote.