Andrew Luck Girlfriend Nicole Pechanec: Age, Job, Pictures, Photos

January 11, 2015 Updated: July 18, 2015

Andrew Luck has a longtime girlfriend, Nicole Pechanec.

“I do have a girlfriend, and she is living with me,” Luck told WTHR in 2012. “She keeps me straight.”

While Andrew doesn’t talk a lot about Nicole, he did tell reporters during a conference call recently that both she and his mother don’t approve of his beard.

“I realize it’s a bad look. I’m not going for any specific look,” he said.

He said both Nicole, 25, and his mom frequently tell him it’s a bad look, reported Lindsay Jones of USA Today.

“To be honest, I don’t like shaving during the season. Razor burn,” Luck said. “If you grow it this long, you might as well keep it.”

As for Nicole, she was actually a very talented gymnast while attending Stanford University. She was an All-American, and helped her team win many times. She was awarded the Pam Stathairn Award for the best competitive attitude, and won several big individual awards. 

Nicole was born in New Jersey but her parents immigrated from the Czech Republic, so she competed for the country’s national team in the World Championships and European Championships.

Stanford University says that her mother Yvette competed on the Czech national gymnastics team, while her father Tomas sailed for the European national team, and later competed at the U.S. nationals.



Nicole also has a sister, Monica. Nicole speaks several languages, majored in engineering, and enjoys art, playing the piano, and traveling.

According to her LinkedIn, Nicole previously worked for NASA as an intern for about four months in 2013, and has also worked in the design field for several firms.

She currently works as an associate producer for NBC Sports, specializing in nationally televised gymnastics events.

On the side, she helps gymnasts put together routines for competition. That work includes being a program coordinator for the USA Gymnastics team.

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