Andrew Lincoln (Rick Grimes) Not Dead After Season 4 Finale; He Did a Disturbing Thing

March 30, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

Andrew Lincoln, who plays Rick Grimes, questioned one of the scenes in the season 4 finale when he first read the script (spoilers inside).

“I talked to Scott [Gimple, executive producer] and said, we’ve been responsible with the violence so far, are we maybe crossing the line in the sand?” he said on Talking Dead after the finale.

Grimes, Michonne, and Carl are caught by Joe’s group in the dark of the night, with Carl inside a truck and the other two outside.

The situation looks dire as guns are on these three while two other men are beating Daryl.

But Rick bites the throat of Joe, killing him. Then Michonne grabs the gun from the man who was holding it on her and shoots him, then another man. Daryl stomps the head of another of the men, while Rick quickly moves to the man holding his son and kills him.

Lincoln did say that after the filming was done, he understood that the scene was well suited to the show.

Later on, Rick and his new bigger group get to Terminus, but get into a bit of a firefight–they’re basically running while being fired on–and eventually get forced into a boxcar and locked in.

A nice surprise is inside, though. All of Glenn’s group is alive in there. No major characters died in the finale.


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