Anderson Silva Faked Leg Injury to Rig UFC 168? False Rumors Persist After Fight

December 30, 2013 Updated: July 18, 2015

Anderson Silva, the former UFC Middleweight champion, did not fake his gruesome leg injury during UFC 168.

There’s been several bizarre rumors flying around about an alleged UFC fix, including one from a fake urban news site called, which describes itself as a website for “your daily laugh” and has other fake news reports.

However, Silva’s leg clearly broke in a horrific manner when he leg kicked current UFC Middleweight champion Chris Weidman on Saturday night. Silva immediately buckled to the ground and media photographers captured his foot and shin bone hanging in an unnatural manner.

Reports over the weekend say that Silva underwent emergency surgery and he’ll be released from the hospital on Monday.

One of Silva’s managers, Jorge Guimaraes, told MMAFighting: “He’s fine. Just sad and in pain.”

Silva will be transferred to a Las Vegas hotel and after that, he’ll return to this home in Los Angeles.

“The successful surgery, performed by Dr. Steven Sanders, the UFC’s orthopedic surgeon, inserted an intramedullary rod into Anderson’s left tibia,” reads a statement from the UFC. “The broken fibula was stabilized and does not require a separate surgery.”s