An iPhone Survived a 400-Foot Fall, and This is the Video it Captured

February 26, 2016 Updated: February 27, 2016

This should put all those iPhone durability tests to shame.

An Instagram user was near the top of the 42-story-tall Liberty House building in Dubai capturing video footage when the phone suddenly slipped from his hand and fell:

The phone somehow survived the drop from the tower’s 40th floor, which is approximately 400 feet. The fall only takes seconds.

Later, the user, “Momentaryawe,” was able to discover his phone.

“I had a bit of a mishap this morning – shooting from the 40th floor, my phone decided to go for a ride into the wind. 40 floors down, not a scratch in sight! 🙂 #iphone #Dubai #UAE #ohno #freefall,” he said.

The video is reminiscent of this one uploaded in 2014:

This one isn’t as interesting, but it works:

Want to see iPhone’s being dropped in other places? We’ve got you covered: