An Invitation to Barack Obama and Xi Jinping

Dare to believe in the dream of a ‘Free China’
June 7, 2013 Updated: June 8, 2013

I, a former labor camp victim, would like to invite U.S. President Barack Obama and General Secretary Xi Jinping to watch the award-winning documentary, Free China: The Courage to Believe, which portrays the injustice I suffered under China’s Communist regime. The film opened in Los Angeles on May 31, and opens in New York City on June 7, the first day of their two-day summit. 

The film addresses the very issues that should be discussed by these two leaders: the ongoing and brutal persecution of Falun Gong—the largest scale violation of human rights in China today, forced abortions, slave labor and the making of cheap products inside forced labor camps, the censorship of information and the Internet, the movement in China to renounce any association with the Chinese Communist Party, and the trampling upon the freedom of belief in China. Sadly, these issues will most likely be ignored at the summit. 

Thanks to the Tibetan people’s unremitting efforts over decades of injustice, the Free Tibet movement has become known worldwide. However, few realize that in order to free Tibet, we must free China first.

Yes, free China. Many world leaders, including President Obama, merely discuss “engaging” with China instead of freeing China. As China comes to be regarded as a dominant and rising power, many people in the West do not dare dream of freeing it. Most would agree, though, that a truly free China is what the world really needs.

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So please, go to see Free China. See what the Chinese people’s dreams are for a free China. See what solutions the Chinese people themselves are offering to the problems in today’s China—solutions where everyone can gain, instead of only the Chinese Communist Party.

I challenge President Obama and General Secretary Xi Jinping to watch this documentary. Respond to the call from the 1.3 billion people still living under the Chinese Communist regime. Help bring China into a new era when every Chinese citizen can enjoy a life free of terror and when a free, prosperous, and peaceful China is wholeheartedly welcomed into the international community. 

Jennifer Zeng is the author of “Witnessing History: One Woman’s Fight for Freedom and Falun Gong” and is featured in the “Free China” documentary. She currently works for New Tang Dynasty Television as a reporter. View the documentary trailer and read more information at

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