An Extraterrestrial Fist Bump – Look What NASA’s Curiousity Rover Just Tweeted

By Gidon Belmaker, Epoch Times
January 24, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

Curiosity Rover tweeted this animation, celebrating new findings from NASA’s Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity, that have confirmed an ancient wet environment, which might support life. The new findings by Opportunity support similar, earlier findings by Curiosity.

“Fist bump, @MarsRovers! Our data agree: Mars could’ve supported life. #10YrsOnMars #DealWithIt,” the tweet read.  

Opportunity’s original mission was to last only three months. On the day of its 10th anniversary on the Red Planet, Opportunity is examining the rim of the Endeavour Crater. It has driven 24 miles (38.7 kilometers) from where it landed on Jan. 24, 2004.

What’s next? Lolcats from Jupiter?