Amir Khan Next Fight: Will Near 24 Carat Gold Short Against Devon Alexander

December 10, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

Amir Khan will wear 24 carat gold shorts in his fight against Devon Alexander on Saturday night.

Khan’s shorts will be the most expensive in boxing history, worth between $30,000 and $45,000, according to MailOnline.

And how are the shorts made of the precious metalk? Real 24 carat gold thread.

It will be woven through a wasit ban that supports white nappa leather trunks with crocodile trim, the report states. The trunks were made specifically for the fight against Alexander.

Meanwhile, Khan said that he’s fighting for his baby daughter. “I want our baby to be able to say one day that her father was a great champion,” he was quoted as saying.

Khan added, “I feel better today than when I was 26. Physically and mentally. Healthier and stronger. Still coming to my peak.”

Meanwhile, he disputed reports that Manny Pacquiao–a potential, future adversary–outclassed him while sparring.

“No way Manny outclassed me in sparring. Perhaps I should send Freddie some videos to remind him of that. But I don’t want to get into an argument about whether Manny knocked me down,” he said, per MailOnline. “Perhaps [trainer] Freddie [Roach] said it because he was hurt that I left him for Virgil Hunter – who everyone says is making me a better fighter – but I want there to be respect when I meet him and Manny somewhere down the road.”

Both Khan and Alexander are looking to earn a shot to fight Floyd Mayweather Jr. There were murmurs several months that a Khan-Mayweather fight was in the works, but it never materialized and Khan signed on to fight Alexander.

Alexander said he’s found weaknesses in Khan’s game.

“Anybody who has lost three times, there is a blueprint,” he said, via Sky Sports. “You see that he has a weak chin but you cannot go into a fight, thinking: ‘ok he’s got a weak chin and I’m going to knock him out.’ You’ve got to have a game plan to get to the chin or if you don’t get to the chin, then you have to have a game plan to beat him for 12 rounds.”