America’s Past Greatness

By The Reader's Turn
The Reader's Turn
The Reader's Turn
September 8, 2021 Updated: September 8, 2021

Saturday, Aug. 14, 2021, was the 76th anniversary of the surrender of Japan on the dock of the battleship Missouri. It happened in large part because America was the strongest economic power in the free world, and only entered the war after Japan bombed our fleet in Hawaii.  Admiral Yamamoto reportedly said (or wrote in his diary) that he feared they had only “awakened a sleeping giant,” but now even that is in dispute. What is not in dispute is that, whether he said it, wrote it or thought it, he was right. What made America so powerful was our abundant commodity resources, and our miners, loggers, oil drillers, stock growers, and farmers, who made America essentially self-sufficient, thanks to our capitalistic, free-enterprise, economic system that yielded a manufacturing base second to none. We essentially entered the war in January 1942 and Japan surrendered in August 1945, after 44 months (3.6 years). The war was won by a nation, a people, totally committed to ridding the world of tyranny on two fronts half a world apart. It’s truly remarkable considering they were still dealing with a devastating depression.

And now, thanks to an election corrupted by a political party that no longer values honesty or integrity, we have an administration totally committed to reversing everything this nation, and its people, have accomplished during the past 245 years. So Sad.


EA Andy Johnson