American Woman Kicked Off Plane in South Korea

August 4, 2018 Updated: August 4, 2018

An American woman was dragged off of a Korean Air flight after refusing to leave business class to sit in her purchased economy seat.

The unnamed woman was kicked off the flight, set to fly to San Francisco from South Korea on July 27, because she created a disturbance.

Footage of the incident was shared by Korean newspaper Korea JoongAng Daily, with the woman’s face pixelated.

The video shows several flight attendants working together to pull the woman out of a business class seat and push her out of the plane with the help of police officers. Some seated passengers are heard clapping.

The American woman makes several statements while being removed, including “U.S. Marshal” and “Nuclear Disarmament.”

Korean Air told the San Francisco Chronicle that the disturbance caused the flight to be delayed for an hour and 40 minutes.

The woman has not been identified apart from being an American and 30-years-old.

The airline stated that the woman was assigned to sit in 40D in economy class but wanted to sit in 14B in business class.

“The woman was transferred to the hospital first as she seemed to be suffering from a mental illness,” a police official said in a statement obtained by All K Pop.

“We plan to investigate her as soon as the hospital completes her examination.”


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