American Renewal: Fighting Voter Fraud

November 28, 2018 Updated: November 28, 2018


There were multiple reasons why Donald Trump won the presidency. The economy, illegal immigration, and holding the line on our cultural heritage all come to mind. Implicit in making America great again was the background issue of cultural decline.

With the advent of the Obama presidency, it can be definitively said our culture moved in a downward spiral. It was a lurch, a great leap backward, if you will.

I said the following to a friend late in Barack Obama’s presidency: “If you had told me we could have fallen this far in this short a time back in 2006, I would have said you were crazy.” I thought it would get bad, but it became much worse than I feared.

Obama left us in a cultural mess: race relations shattered, the judiciary stacked with leftists (hint to Chief Justice John Roberts). Our bureaucracies, including the Department of Justice and FBI, were politicized for the left. It was so bad the government didn’t even know which bathroom you should use.

All in all, it was moral devastation for our country—a slow darkness overwhelming us all.

Benjamin Franklin was asked by a woman what kind of government the framers had set up as he departed the Constitutional Convention. His answer, now famous, was, “A republic, if you can keep it.”

If we can keep it, he said. I think Trump was elected to help us keep it.  

Trust in Elections

There are a lot of things to talk about in this downward spiral, but I want to focus on trust in our elections. It’s impossible to not be upset about what we are seeing as the Democratic Party machine lurches toward making America into a banana republic. It seems intent on making us like Cook County, Illinois, where actual votes don’t count because votes can be manufactured. Votes that never actually happened can now prevail and win an election.

Stalin infamously said: “Those who vote decide nothing. Those who count the vote decide everything.” 

And here we are, watching this happen.

Consider how corrupt an entire party has to be to think it’s OK to cheat in elections. A corollary: Consider how bizarre a party has to be to try to delegitimize every single close election they lost, always blaming something such as racism, or Russia, or even Hitler. (Yes, just call your opposition Hitler. That’ll do.) You also have to have enough power to figure out how to institutionalize this kind of cheating. Last, but not least, you must make anyone opposing your cheating feel like they are the cheaters; you have to have an opposition that can be steamrollered.

Let me suggest to you that the old GOP, the party that the Bush family inherited from Reagan, became that kind of party—steamrollerable. I know that’s not a word, but I’m going to trademark it, because that’s what the GOP became. It’s a lingering problem, one that isn’t going away anytime soon. Not with Mitt Romney in the Senate, nor Jeff Flake and John Kasich going on leftist TV thinking they are relevant, nor Paul Ryan becoming a super-lobbyist. These people, and their ilk, are frankly pathetic. And steamrollerable.

Here are some examples of speculated historical cheating: In Cook County in 1960, a president was fraudulently elected. In 1996, Loretta Sanchez beat Bob Dornan through a campaign to enlist illegal immigrants to vote. In 2004, Washington state elected Democrat Christine Gregoire as governor after “finding” hundreds of ballots that weren’t originally counted. A judge ruled them as countable. It worked, so Al Franken used the same technique to become a senator in 2008. Amazing how each time it’s close enough, the Democrats miraculously find enough votes to win. Every. Single. Time.

These techniques were used in plain sight during the recent Florida recounts, both in Broward and Palm Beach counties. Illegals were encouraged to vote. Ballots were found and then used. Thousands upon thousands of votes were apparently manufactured that never should have counted. In those two counties, we were treated to a guidebook on how to steal elections. Democrats were willing to cheat openly, and dared their GOP opponents to challenge them. After all, they wouldn’t want to be called racist.

Below is a video of an important interview between investigative journalist Tracy Beanz and a Democrat who had the same things happen to him. From his own party. It’s devastating. It’s a long interview, but it explains everything the Democrats are doing.

I suspect this happened in other races in various parts of the country, including with the California Republicans who all lost close House races. I suspect it happened in the Arizona Senate race, although more poll-savvy people than myself, such as Larry Schweikart, think not. I disagree, simply because we know the Democratic Party encourages cheating. I’m certain it is happening in most races, because we have a power-mad party. The Democrats don’t mind cheating to win. They demonstrate their power hunger every day. And we have a timid, steamrollerable GOP.

Look at what the Internal Revenue Service got away with under Lois Lerner. Look at what the Obama Department of Justice did to Catherine Engelbrecht, who championed “True the Vote.” All she wanted to do was stop voter fraud by cleaning up the voter rolls, and for that, she was destroyed by Democrats. Destroyed.


Allow me to point to how the GOP has dealt with this pattern of cheating. Yes, it was a concern of the Republican Party, but not with an attempt to confront or stop illegal voting methodology. Rather they believed they could overcome voter fraud by getting out their own vote more. Hugh Hewitt wrote a book in 2004, called “If It’s Not Close, They Can’t Cheat.” Unfortunately, that kind of thinking has dominated the GOP. Don’t confront the wrongdoing, look the other way, and just hope we can outvote it.

And therein lies the problem. Rather than coming hard against voter fraud, rather than point out its evil intent, the GOP has too often allowed the demagoguery of the Democrats to define the issue. The GOP allowed such things as automatic registration, or “motor voter” rules to pass; they allowed it to be easy to vote illegally. And easy to commit fraud. After all, the GOP didn’t want to be called racist.

That’s the crux of the matter. They were steamrollerable. A timid GOP was doomed by a wishy-washy strategy of outvoting fraud. So we now face perhaps the biggest internal threat to our republic (if we can keep it). Voter fraud is taking place in plain sight. It’s being committed by one party, because they know how to win elections with this strategy.

And when they aren’t able to steal an election, they proclaim they lost only because of voter suppression, or racism, or Russians. It’s a twofer for them. Cow the opposition at all times. Steal elections when they let you. Delegitimize elections the other side wins.

If we don’t confront their willingness to cheat, if we do not confront their willingness to delegitimize, if we do not bring those who are cheating to justice, if we don’t call out a party who wants power at all costs, we won’t be able to keep it—meaning the Republic—we will become a mobocracy.

A note to President Trump: You are loved because you fight leftist wrongdoing. You have the strength and the megaphone to do so. Let me suggest you take up this issue again. Hard. Florida was the perfect example to trigger this fight. If you don’t do so now, the left will simply continue to cheat. They will continue to win by doing so. It’s their intent. If they do not receive just consequences for this cheating they will never stop.

It takes strength and character to overcome a group that has decided it will take power anyway it can. It takes strength to overcome a complicit media that allows its party to cheat on a massive scale.

So we are here. Our rules as set forth to keep our republic are being flaunted. Our election laws are being violated. And these leftists in the Democratic Party know they are only a few elections from gaining power forever. And they are willing to lie, cheat, and destroy a way of life to gain their power.

President Trump: Fight them. GOP: Fight them. To all citizens who would like to keep your liberties: Fight them.

Because if we don’t fight them together, Benjamin Franklin’s offhand comment will come true. We won’t be able to keep it.

David Prentice is a writer and novelist from the Midwest.

Views expressed in this article are the opinions of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of The Epoch Times.