American Horror Story Season 4 Spoilers: Pepper May be Back in Upcoming Season, Per Leak

By Zachary Stieber
Zachary Stieber
Zachary Stieber
Zachary Stieber covers U.S. and world news. He is based in Maryland.
July 24, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

American Horror Story season 4, known as Freak Show, may include a character from Asylum.

Pepper, the microcephalic woman played by Naomi Grossman, will be back in the season 4 premiere, according to a leaked call sheet from an Argentinian fan site.

Season 4 is set to take place in Florida in the 1950s, at one of the last American freak carnivals.

“It would make a lot of sense for Pepper to return as one of the freaks since she was inspired by the 1932 cult film “Freaks” and real sideshow performer Schlitzie. Since Season 4 takes place before the 1964-set Asylum, it seems possible that it may reveal Pepper’s origin story and how she ended up a Briarcliff,” noted the Huffington Post.

“Two other actors listed below Grossman on the call sheet, Christopher Neiman as Salty (Salty and Pepper sound like a circus act duo to us) and Ben Woolf as Meep, both look similar and like their characters may be other microcephalics or related to Pepper.”

Jessica Lange has already been confirmed to play a German expat who manages the freak show, while Kathy Bates, Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters, Angela Bassett, and Frances Conroy will star as members of the show.

Entertainment Weekly reported that the show will include a terrifying clown and a bearded lady, quoting creator Ryan Murphy.

“It was always a concept that Jessica and I talked about really early on,” Murphy said of Freak Show.

“It was always her favorite one, which I thought was funny. I’ve had many different versions that I’ve run by her. I just love it. It feels really right. I thought it was going to be light but it’s turning out to be quite terrifyingly dark, which it feels much more like the Asylum season. But look — if you have a character named the Clown Killer, it’s going to be dark.”


Zachary Stieber
Zachary Stieber covers U.S. and world news. He is based in Maryland.