American Horror Story Season 4: Kathy Bates Talks About What She Knows of Next Season

American Horror Story Season 4 won’t be here for a while, and Kathy Bates–who won an Oscar for “Misery”–talked about what she knows about it.

Bates was a fan-favorite in American Horror Story: Coven, and she’ll be back for Season 4.

“It’s in the late 1950s in Jupiter, FL, and I know what my character looks like, but I don’t know anything else about her. In fact, I’ve just gone to costume fittings, and we’re still developing the character. I haven’t seen the script yet, and we start shooting in the middle of July, so time’s a-wastin’!” she said, according to Popsugar.

Bates added she was surprised her co-star, Sarah Paulson, talked about as much as she did in recent interviews about the upcoming season.

“I mean, I’m surprised that Sarah Paulson came out with that she has two heads. I was like, ‘What?!’ But I think it’s [creator] Ryan [Murphy] who disseminates that information when and where he wants to. I know he’s talked about the fact that we’re a freak show, and we’re sort of in the last days of the freak show,” she added. 

A few weeks ago, Paulson talked about a fake photo of her going around that featured her with two heads.

“Everyone thinks that is the character of Dot and Bette in terms of the way I look — that’s just what the company came up with [to] digitally show the two heads to Ryan,” she told Vulture. “They used a picture of me as Lana Winters because it was in the period. So that’s not what I’ll actually look like as Dot and Bette.”

Paulson said she will play a two-headed character. “I’ve known about this since the middle of last season,” she added. “I know how much people want to know and how much they actually like to be surprised, and I knew that I could never do anything until Ryan told me that I could and once I got the go-ahead.”