American Horror Story Season 4: Getting Darker, Says FX CEO

American Horror Story Season 4 might be darker than previous installments.

FX CEO John Landgraf said a few days ago that the upcoming season–about freak shows in the 1950s–will be less campy.

“Some years it’s going to be big and bright and brash and campy the way ‘Coven’ is,” Landgraf said, according to the Huffington Post. “Other years it’s going to be dark and brooding — like ‘Asylum’ was. I guess I would put ‘Freak Show’ half-way in between the two. It’s got a little bit more humor and a little bit more camp, but its got a brooding period feel to it also.”

Season 4 is slated to start in October. Jessica Lange, Sarah Paulson and Kathy Bates will all return.

During Comic-Con in San Diego last month, the character names for the show were revealed.

According to, they are:

Kathy Bates – Ethel Darling
Evan Peters – Jimmy Darling
Emma Roberts – Maggie
Angela Bassett – Desiree Dupree
Michael Chiklis – Dell Toledo (the husband of Ethel and ex-husband of Desiree)
Sarah Paulson – Bette and Dot Tattler
Jessica Lange – Elsa Mars

John Carroll Lynch will be the next season’s main villain.

A writeup from explains the reveal: “One by one, each of the actors revealed their new identities: Emma Roberts is Maggie, Sarah Paulson will play Siamese twins Bette and Dot, Michael Chiklis is Evan del Toreado, Angela Bassett is his wife Desiree Dupre, and Evan Peters will play del Toreado’s son Jimmy Darling. Minear said that there will be ‘a villain who will rival the rubber man and the minotaur from previous seasons. John Carroll Lynch will play him, and he will scare the [expletive] out of you.'”