American Hero Dan Crenshaw Remembers Those Who Lost Lives in Line of Duty

May 27, 2019 Updated: May 28, 2019

A former U.S. Navy SEAL officer turned politician has paid a tribute to all who lost their lives while serving their country on Memorial Day.

Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-Texas) took a moment out of his public holiday to share his personal story about close friends in the military who died in the line of duty.

Crenshaw uploaded a series of social media posts that have since attracted more than 55,000 likes and 15,000 retweets.

His first post reminisced about fellow Navy SEAL Officer Brendan Looney who he was with on this first deployment. Crenshaw praised Looney as a model citizen.

“Brendan Looney. Did our first deployment together at SEAL Team 3,” Crenshaw said on Twitter. “One of the best and most respected leaders on the team. Husband, son, and brother. Be Strong. Be accountable. Never complain.”

Joint Terminal Air Controller (JTAC) Pat Feeks was praised for being one of the best ground fighters who coordinated with close air support.

“One of the best JTACs out there. Best story teller I ever met (those who knew him will understand!),” Crenshaw said on Twitter. “Loyal friend, husband, brother, and son. He always showed up when you asked him to.”

Crenshaw also remembered “All American” Dave Warsen for all the time they spend together while deployed in the Middle East.

“[We] spent a lot of time together on our deployment to Afghanistan. When not on missions, we’d hit the volleyball court (half sand, half rocks),” Crenshaw said on Twitter. “[He was the] strongest guy in the platoon and also the happiest. Truly loved and missed [him].”

Roommate and fellow Navy SEAL Officer Kevin Ebbert would also be “missed dearly,” said Crenshaw in his posts.

“My roommate in BUD/S. One of the smartest, most capable, kindest SEALs I ever knew,” Crenshaw said on Twitter. “[He was a] skilled medic [and] loving husband.”

Great Operator Brad Cavner was “cool” and “collected.”

“Brad taught me to shoot left-handed after I lost my right eye, and spent countless hours getting my close quarters combat skills back up to speed,” Crenshaw said on Twitter. “It’s about the Brotherhood.”

Life of the Party Charles Keating IV was great company and a team player.

“Chuck Heavy, his laugh was contagious,” Crenshaw said on Twitter. “He was killed placing himself in danger so that his team wouldn’t have to. [He was a] Navy Cross recipient, epic hero, husband, son, [and] brother.”

He described Brett Marihugh as the “most motivating and entertaining” colleague.

“[He] told stories for hours about his time as a cop before he joined,” he said on Twitter. “He pretended to be a doctor, so he could visit my hospital room in Afghanistan and check up on me after I got hit by an improvised explosive device.”

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