American Complicity: Export Money—Import Chaos

February 5, 2021 Updated: February 11, 2021


The American people are finally beginning to understand the connection between chaos in the United States and phony promises of wealth from China.

American investors, industrialists, money managers, and their enabling politicians have poured U.S. assets into communist China for decades—almost killing our manufacturing base, always chasing the promise of a greater financial return in a larger global marketplace. Some even thought our commercial engagement would democratize China.

In reality, they have aligned their financial future with the totalitarian regime of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP); now, they’re beholden to it and fear losing everything. All wealth in China is controlled by the CCP. Investment value and growth is whatever the CCP says it is in their party-controlled economy. China retains all corporate assets and keeps foreign executives happy with big salaries and bonuses (paid by their own companies) based on false statements of financial growth within China that can’t be verified or audited according to international norms.

Let’s be clear: There’s inherently no free enterprise in communist China. The controlled economy of the CCP is a classic Ponzi scheme. China only survives and grows on a continuous stream of outside capital and resources.

While Americans arrogantly thought they were “playing” China for greater profit, it was precisely the opposite. China was always playing a long game against them. And mutual benefit had nothing to do with it. Anyone in 2021 who still says China “just wants to be a business partner” is delusional or lying.

China makes promises, but doesn’t honor external agreements of any kind. It engages for advantage and dominance.

The CCP approach has always included graft, corruption, theft, threat, disinformation, espionage, and a devious multi-faceted asymmetric approach to sucking out U.S. wealth, knowledge, and technology (industrial and military) by exerting financial influence and control over American corporations and politics. It’s always a stacked deck, smoke, mirrors, and more empty promises.

The CCP strives toward global domination with all other nations serving them as willing, obedient, vassal states. Let the recent examples of Xi Jinping’s “Belt and Road Initiative” be our warning.

With this understanding, we can easily see the reasons that “High Tech,” for example, usually sides with China in political matters. It’s all about money and the false perception of financial growth. Collectively, High Tech went all-in with full blinders on and arrogantly still sees its “global” future aligned with a growing mega-China. When President Donald Trump’s fairness tariffs became a problem, High Tech (and others) began to financially support political and social chaos here at home. Huge, quiet donations were funneled to the perpetrators.

Chaos and regime change in the United States serves China—and High Tech obediently kowtows.

High Tech is the term I use here in broad reference to Big Tech, Big Pharma, Silicon Valley, and banking and investment types of industries with a U.S. corporate base and significant business interests in China—corporations with earnings and share values dependent on working cooperatively with the CCP.

These same corporations have officers, board members, and senior executives who reportedly authorized or helped mobilize large financial donations (or large numbers of smaller donations) to quietly help defeat the reelection of Trump and impede the policies toward China from his first term.

I understand most donations from High Tech went to the Democratic Party or directly to their candidate campaigns. These donations also had the apparent trickle-down capability to support campaigns of radical-left and progressive candidates, who embrace even more divisive policies, such as a “Green New Deal” and “open borders.”

Anti-Trump elected officials and candidates for office openly supported the street chaos perpetrated by organizations, networks, and movements with mysterious financial backing such as Antifa, ActBlue–Thousand Currents–Black Lives Matter, Portland anarchists, Seattle CHOP, Defund the Police, and other offshoots. They usually declared the chaos was non-violent and justified—all acting in loud concert with anti-Trump “mainstream news” and manipulative “social media.”

The identity politics of chaos quickly became routine. And it all worked in China’s favor.

But, the controlled CCP Ponzi-economy remains a paper tiger. It will either self-destruct or quickly fold whenever the United States stops feeding it. Those deeply invested in China are rapidly becoming known. To survive, they should simply come home and take the paper loss. America has real substance and will recover quickly. There’s no future in the totalitarian state of communist China.

By the way: Before you say “This can’t be true,” guess where your retirement or pension funds have been invested on your behalf (and without your permission). Well, don’t guess. Make them tell you. And don’t let them give you the old “it’s like a big financial pool” baloney. Follow the money.

Born in California, Richard Smith is the son of a career U.S. Marine (31 years enlisted). He worked for many years from Seattle in civil engineering design and construction up and down the West Coast. He is now retired.

Views expressed in this article are the opinions of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of The Epoch Times.