America the Fraud

January 28, 2021 Updated: January 28, 2021

If America allows the Democrat Party election fraud to stand, it dishonors every veteran like me who served my country while believing it to be something it was not. It dishonors every one of my brothers and sisters in arms who died for this country.

If this election fraud is allowed to stand, we Americans will be no better than the passive bystanders who allowed Nazis to take over Germany, or the communist dictators who took over China, Russia, and other totalitarian regimes.

Shame on the traitors and cowards in the judicial system who refused to allow the mountain of election fraud evidence to be presented. Shame on our politicians, media, and citizens for not standing up for democracy and American values.

If this election allows Joe Biden to be president, our country should be called “America the Fraud, where your vote does not matter.”

Corby Pelto

U.S. Air Force veteran